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  1. Ponkinette
    July 20, 2021 @ 2:52 pm

    don’t work in vr , had this one in 1.40 with no problems ,was easy to tweak to fit how i wanted it
    but something happend in 1.41 , tested a few others aswell , all close the game direct before entering the main window
    strange thing : when removing map.sii it will not crash before the advisor pops up allready ingame
    funny thing : played around with original files , somehow the map expanded over entier screen but adviser didn’t move , lol
    drive without advisor by now , but it pops up right in your face to tell you things todo , like press this key todo this or that ,annoying , a line would do aswell
    well , thats not bobo’s fault , hopefully scs can find a solution
    and it seems , hiding advisor crashes the game too , i did read somewhere , so something went wrong with that convoy and multiplayer thingie
    anyway , happy driving …. Ponkinette


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